We have put together a brief user guide on how to make the most of this website.

How to purchase vouchers and top-up cards?

•    Click on “Save money every month with Shopping Cards” or click on “Browse” on the homepage and select the second icon “Shopping Cards”. A list of all the retailers and discounts for e-vouchers and top-up cards which are available for Cancer Research UK will appear.
•    To browse through all the cards and e-vouchers available, you can search through the listings and see more options on the following pages.
•    If you are looking for a particular retailer, you can filter through the different categories and brands in the left-hand navigational panel.
•    In order to purchase a top-up card or e-voucher, simply click on your chosen retailer. The retailer’s product page will outline the discount you will receive, as well as if they can be used in store, online or both, as well as if there is a limit to the maximum load per card/voucher and if there are various denominations or you can add or if you can select your own amount.
•    If you are purchasing a new top-up card or e-voucher, select “I want a new top-up card” and if you already have an existing top-up card, select “register an existing card”.
•    If you are purchasing an e-voucher, select the amount you’d like and add it to the basket.
•    Once selected, choose the amount you want loaded on your top-up card/ e-voucher and add it to the basket.
•    If it is a new top-up card, this will be added to your basket with the amount you’ve added.
•    If you have an existing top-up card that you’d like to use, click on “Register an existing card” and add in the card number and the card name then add it to the basket.
•    You can now continue shopping on the portal and then once you are happy with your shopping, you can check out.
•    If you decide to remove the top-up card/e-voucher from your basket, simply click “delete”. If you’d like to edit your order, click on “edit” and you can amend the amount.
•    Orders received before 10.30am Monday to Friday will processed and sent out on the same day. Any order placed after this cut-off time will be processed on the following working day.
•    Top-up cards are sent out first class post. Paper vouchers are sent out via first class post. If your total order for paper vouchers is £300 or above, we will send your vouchers out via special delivery at our cost.
•    If you purchase an e-voucher before 10:30am between Monday – Friday, you will receive your order the same day. Any orders after 10:30am, will be received the following working day.
•    Voucher orders are not always sent together which means a single order may arrive in separate deliveries and on different days. Please allow 3 further working days after receiving your first item for additional deliveries to take place. If, at this stage, you have still not received all your vouchers, please contact the Retail Vouchers Team on 0845 230 9393 or email with your order reference number so we can investigate with immediate effect. If you have received more vouchers than you ordered, please phone us 0845 230 9393 or email so we can investigate the matter further.

How to use cashback

•    Cashback is a discount which is applied after you've bought something online. It is either a percentage of the amount you spent with the retailer, or a fixed sum. So if you buy something for £100 online with cashback of 6%, you pay the retailer £100 and we credit £6 to your cashback account.
•    Cashback works in a similar way to earning points on a loyalty card - except that it's cash. The cashback you earn is not taken off your bill; instead it's credited to your Xexec cashback account.
•    Click on “Earn money while you shop with cashback” or click on “Browse” on the homepage and select the fourth icon “Cashback”. A list of all the cashback retailers which are available for Cancer Research UK will appear.
•    If you are looking for a particular retailer, you can filter through the different categories and brands in the left-hand navigational panel.
•    Select the retailer of your choice. The cashbacks are usually presented as £x cashback or x% cashback when you shop online. Once on the product page, click on the large black button to visit the retailers site to do your shopping.
•    Do not visit any other sites between leaving the CRUK discount portal and before completing your purchase as this may result in your cashback not being tracked. If you use a voucher code from another site, your cashback may be declined.
•    Always be certain you use the click through from the Xexec site each time you visit and make a purchase from the Retailer site. You will also need to make sure your shopping basket is empty on the retailer site before clicking through from Xexec.
•    If there is a problem with your order (or the Retailer site) that stops you from processing the order online, e.g. if there is a problem with your payment, or the retailer has a problem with stock and offers you an alternative product, the retailer may treat your amended order as a new order. This in turn will affect your entitlement to Cashback. The Retailer site will track your click-through from this site, and if you take any action which earns Cashback. At this point your Xexec account will show a 'pending' payment for the Cashback that you have earned. You will then need to wait until the Retailer tells us that your order has not been cancelled or returned, then you can withdraw your Cashback once it is marked as 'confirmed'.
•    Cashback may only be paid on the net value excluding VAT, all other taxes, surcharges and any additional costs such as delivery.
•    Cashback will only be tracked if you sign in to your account and start your shopping by clicking on the retailer’s link within the Discount Site.
•    Only use voucher codes received from Xexec or voucher codes advertised on the Discounts Site. If a voucher code is used, cashback might not be paid.
•    If you do not complete your purchase in one sitting your cashback might not track.
•    Using a saved quote or shopping from previously saved shopping carts may cause your cashback to be declined.
•    Opening the same website in different tabs or browsers may affect transaction tracking.
If you experience problems while making an online transaction and opt to call the retailer to complete the order, your cashback earning could be affected.
•    Transactions will usually appear on your account as 'Pending' or 'Confirmed' within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take longer so please allow up to 11 days. If after 11 days your transaction does not appear as 'Pending' or 'Confirmed' please email as soon as possible. In the small number of cases where Cashback is not tracked automatically, the quicker you let us know the easier it is to investigate.
•    Missing Cashback must be reported to us within 45 days of placing the order with the retailer. We cannot investigate claims on orders that were placed more than 45 days previously. Cashback shown on your account as 'Pending' is not missing. A few transactions, for example a policy with a 'cooling off' period, can take up to 90 days to confirm.
•    Cashback on most transactions is confirmed very soon after appearing on your Cashback statement. A small number of transactions take up to 30 days, and an even smaller number take up to 90 days.

How to use promotional codes

•    Various offers which retailers are promoting require customers to enter a promotional/ discount code at the checkout. Some retailers already have discounted URLs.
•    If the chosen retailer has a promotional code this will be needed in order to redeem the offer.
•    You can click on “copy the code” which will store the code for you to use when requested on the retailer’s website.
•    Visit the retailer’s website, shop for your products and add it to the basket. Go to the checkout, and enter the promotional code when prompted to. Some retailers will ask for the promotional code before entering your personal and payment details and some will require it after.

How to search

•    You can use the search bar at the top of the portal to search for a particular retailer or a particular category of your choice.
•    If you search for a particular category (i.e. electronics), it will bring up all relevant offers and discounts. You can further filter your options in the left hand navigational panel by Category, Brands, Offer Types and Discounts.
•    You can further filter the relevant offers by Relevance, Popularity, Newest and A-Z in the drop down menu on the right hand side.
•    You can also click on the various options in the drop down menu (i.e. Shopping cards, Discounts, Cashback etc.) and once the page has opened, narrow down your search by clicking on the category/ brand of your choice.

How to find local offers

•    You can now search for a selection of handpicked independent suppliers which are near to you geographically.
•    On the homepage, add your postcode in the box provided to search for all relevant offers in your surrounding area.

What's new (compared to our previous site)?

•    On the homepage, you can see “our Pick” which is our top retailers and offers for the week.
•    We also now have “Recommended for you” which are handpicked offers to match your preferences.
•    You can search all brands from A-Z.
•    There is now a facility to search for regional and localised offers which are close to you and your postcode.
•    You can now filter by different categories, brands, offer types and discounts. This way you can tailor the types of discounts you are searching for and filter out what you want.
•    When clicking on “Browse”, you can now view the most popular genres in the “Popular” listing.
•    On the retailer’s page, you can now copy the promotional code so it is stored for when you shop on the retailer’s site.
•    If you like a particular offer, you can share it with your colleagues by clicking “Share offer” and simply entering their email address.
•    If you like a particular offer, you can now click the “thumbs up” like button, so others can see this offer is worthwhile and a great discount.
•    Related products now show relevant offers which you may like and are similar to the one you’ve selected. This way you can see various other offers in the same category.